IAP6300 Intelligent Access Point

IAP6300 Intelligent Access Point
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Type: MESH Wide Area Networks
Brand: Zebra Technologies
Model: IAP6300

In a Mesh 6300 network, the Intelligent Access Point (IAP) is a small, low-cost device that serves as a transition point from the wireless network to the wired world or provides the functions of an enhanced wireless router by providing wireless network access to one or more IP devices via built-in Ethernet. Each IAP offers a maximum burst rate of up to 6 Mbps that can be used for voice, video and data communications.

If greater network capacity is required, additional IAPs can be easily deployed - without the need for extensive RF or site planning. The location of IAPs is non-critical due to the self-forming, self-healing and self-balancing nature of the Mesh 6300 network.


Supports High-Speed Mobility
The Mesh Wide Area Network (MWAN) 6300 solution has been designed from the ground up as a mobile broadband network. Wide area mobility management and seamless handoffs between IAPs help ensure consistent service and sustained broadband data rates, even with clients moving at highway speeds.

Easy to Install and Deploy
IAPs are designed to mount on utility poles, billboards, buildings, etc. Simple mounting hardware and plug-in power and network connections make deployment easy. IAPs power up and integrate into the network automatically.

Up to 6 Mbps Burst Data Per IAP
Each IAP provides up to 6 Mbps burst data. Since IAPs utilize intelligent data rate selection and sophisticated self-forming routing algorithms, new IAPs can be added to address hot spots, or any place increased capacity is needed. Deployment is simple, as new IAPs automatically integrate themselves into the network.

Fast and Accurate Position Location
Depending on network configuration, every MWAN 6300 IAP can provide quick and accurate position location information that does not require the use of GPS satellites. Location information is provided in standard NMEA0183 format, or through the API. This location information can assist in the deployment of resources, creating a visual map of asset positions at an incident or across an entire city.

Supports End-to-End Industry Standard IP
Intelligent Access Points transparently support end-to-end, standards-based Internet Protocol (IP) applications and devices. This maximizes existing investments in client hardware and software, while eliminating training for new applications or procedures.

Multicast/Broadcast Support
With the removal of the IP proxy a single code base is used across the MWAN 6300 and 4300 product lines resulting in product enhancements that benefit a number of different solutions. In addition, the various MWAN solutions are now interoperable and can reside on the same network.

Automatic Re-Routing
MWAN 6300 compensates for the loss of the wired backhaul by automatically re-routing traffic to ensure no dead spots occur and data reaches its desired destination. If an IAP fails, it turns into an enhanced wireless router and routes traffic to the next working IAP to overcome any loss in coverage.