UM1000 LTE USB Modem

UM1000 LTE USB Modem
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Type: LTE User Devices
Brand: Motorola Solutions
Model: UM1000
Plug into Public Safety LTE
The UM1000 LTE USB Modem connects mobile computers and other devices to a Public Safety LTE network. Packaged in a small USB “thumb drive” form factor, it allows public safety personnel to take advantage of Public Safety LTE’s combination of high-speed data, prioritization capabilities, security, and control.
The modem plugs into a device’s USB port, connecting the device to a Band Class 14 LTE network.  It automatically installs the necessary connectivity and management software and draws power directly from the USB port, for easy, plug-and-play Public Safety LTE connectivity.
Broadband Wherever you Go
The UM1000 modem connects to a high-speed, next-generation broadband network. This gives personnel access to large amounts of rich, relevant data at the point of activity: in the office, at the scene, or on the move.
Connects to Public Safety LTE
The ability to work on a privately operated Band Class 14 LTE network lets public safety agencies enjoy a powerful combination of high data speeds, prioritization capabilities, security and control of a private network.
Small Form Factor
The size of a thumb drive, a UM1000 LTE USB Modem is easy for personnel to carry wherever the job takes them. It draws power directly from the USB port, eliminating the need for additional accessories.
Plug-and-Play Simplicity
Plugged into the USB port, the UM1000 modem automatically installs appropriate management and control software. In a few seconds, the device is ready to connect to a network.
Over-the-Air Software Updates
Can be performed automatically. This allows Information Technology staff to keep devices up-to-date, while personnel in the field continue to focus on their work.