Network Timing

For the best timing solution Gately Communication offers Spectracom products leverage global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) such as GPS signals in conjunction with other timing technologies to ensure accurate and reliable time and frequency where you need it. We have brought the concept of Legally Traceable Time® to tens of thousands of users and we support an equal number of operators of mission-critical communications networks throughout enterprises, broadcast networks, and for local and federal government as well as for military forces. Our expertise extends to next-generation networking standards, security and management tools, wireless networks, and critical data distribution. Time and frequency technologies reach a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, metrology, aerospace and defense, broadcast and telecom, public safety and security, and financial services. Specific application examples include:

Networks and Communications:

  • Optimization of high-bandwidth, low-latency networks, systems and applications ranging from accurate military simulations to high-frequency securities trading.
  • Accurate time-stamping of electronic transactions provides legally traceable time for compliance to laws, industry regulations and best practices and eliminates time-related disputes.
  • Synchronization of emergency call center events improves response time of public safety and security: police, fire and ambulance.
  • Synchronization of TV and radio broadcast infrastructure enabling the transition to digital. Synchronization testing for operators of SONET and SDH networks ensures network performance.
  • Time and frequency reference system for satellite tracking, telemetry and control stations offering a turn-key solution.
  • Fast and precise alignment of point-to-point antenna systems saves installers time and money.
  • On-site calibration of master clocks in 2G, 3G, and 4G radio base stations.

Industry and Research:

  • Portable and distributed precise frequency standards for metrology laboratories optimizes calibration costs.
  • High speed, high resolution measurements and advanced analysis of frequency behavior (transients, start-up, settling, fast modulation, radio-channel-switching time, and many other parameters) fully characterizes the designs of communications equipment in R&D.
  • High throughput measurements of frequency and time intervals for manufacturers of high performance oscillators reduces testing time and testing cost.
  • Fast frequency verification of automotive radar distance and velocity measurement components and systems at the lowest cost.
  • Distribution of accurate timing signals enables a greater level of process control in many industries such as power and petro-chemical.