Airtime Systems

We currently offer Motorola UHF LTR Trunking, and Digital Trunking (coming soon!) solutions for our customers.


Use our UHF Trunking system in the Hampton Roads area for a monthly cost:

  • Unlimited Airtime - NO additional fees
  • Save money and get great coverage
  • No FCC Licensing Requirement

Offering the Motorola conventional series of mobiles and portables, as well as the new MotoTRBO XPR digital mobiles and portables in analog mode, allows you the power that you have come to expect out of a radio system. Efficient and cost-effective, UHF Trunking gives you fast channel access, privacy, and private talkgroup capabilities.

Area Wide UHF Trunked Sites allow:

  • Low Cost Dispatch
  • Flat Rate Airtime Pricing
  • Group Calling
  • Private Channels
  • Fast Access
  • More Economical than Cellular or "integrated systems"

Unlimited Airtime

With Motorola trunked radios, you don't pay by the minute for your staff to speak with each other. Instead, you get unlimited airtime each month per unit, for single site coverage. Press to talk and you are instantly in contact with your entire staff, and it's private.

For further information, please contact us or request a quote today!